About Us.

In Ayzer Dokum, manufacturing takes place under modern conditions in which particular importance is given to environmental and human health.

Ayzer Dokum Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Sirketi (Co.Ltd) founded its 1st. stage facility on September 2004, on its own area of 9000 square meters of which 2600 square meters is indoor space and it has combined its 28 years of molding experience and savings with modern manufacturing technology.

It meets the domestic and foreign demands continuing its activities in coordinated cooperation of its experienced cadre staffed 28 years ago and today’s young and dynamic team.

Our company approaches towards its clientele with the point of a solution partner and offers the most modern manufacturing technology to its clientele in each step of manufacturing from the first step by dealing with the demands either as technical drafting or as sample and to the last step at which it presents the finished product. Therefore, it offers its clientele top quality products checked through all the essential steps from the raw material procurement to delivery with the sense total quality and service manner.

Our company maintains its manufacturing of nodular cast iron and cast iron weight between 0.15 KGs and 2000 KGs under modern and healthy working conditions in accordance with European and international norms in its 9000 square meters area of which 2600 square meters is indoor space. Our annual molding capacity is about 5400 tons.

Board of Directors

  • Kerim Keçebir

  • Fatih Keçebir
    V. President


  • Özcan Men
    Factory Director

  • Şükrü Keçebir
    D. Factory Director

  • Bayram Punar
    Accounting Manager

  • Ramazan Gümüş
    Purchasing & Logistic

  • Serhat Tabak
    Production Planning

  • Tarkan Subaş
    Quality Control